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Elixir by Phil Cleary

Elixir is the critically-acclaimed, five-star Amazon rated debut novel by author Phil Cleary, which the media calls a “visionary thriller that reveals the dream of life extension to be humanity’s greatest nightmare”.


Don’t miss the chance to be part of the journey where the boundaries of science and the human spirit are put to the ultimate test. Uncover the mysteries of life, death, and everything in between with this must-read novel!

Tom Shaw, the mild-mannered CEO of Pure Industries, a small pharmaceutical lab in California, is wracked with worries: a terminally sick wife, a distraught young son, and a business on the verge of collapse.
But these dwindle into insignificance when Dr. Rachael Leo, his young but brilliant chief scientist, informs him that she has made the greatest discovery in the history of science.
Following a simple accident in the lab, Pure Industries has discovered the Elixir of Life, the news of which releases a firestorm of violence and treachery which penetrates to the very heart of the US Government.
There are currently over one hundred labs in the US alone trying to devise an antidote to the process of human aging. Elixir is a fast-moving, powerful, and thought-provoking thriller that imagines what might happen if one of them actually succeeded.
Elixir, a novel by Phil Cleary

Praise for Elixir...

“An explosive thriller that reframes mankind’s dream for immortality into a global threat greater than AI.” – The European


“This intelligent and unsettling page-turner is a Hollywood blockbuster in the making.” – Daily Express


“Netflix and Hollywood take note: this provocative novel is pure dynamite.” – The London Economic


“A blistering debut…perfectly calibrated thriller” – Kirkus Review

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