Innovator, technological disruptor, and acclaimed author

Phil Cleary is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, whose groundbreaking products are used by more than two million people and businesses in more than 20 countries worldwide. 


Until late 2021, he was the CEO and co-founder of The SmartWater Group, by far the largest risk management and forensic coding company of its type in the world. 

Today, Phil is founder and CEO of Helios Radar, a technology company with innovative products that promise to substantially reduce road accidents and collisions. His debut novel, political thriller Elixir, has won critical acclaim from the media and readers alike.

Phil Cleary

For over two decades, entrepreneur Phil Cleary has been a prominent figure in the media, garnering widespread recognition in both the British and international press. Explore a carefully selected compilation of this media coverage below. You will also find information about Helios-R, a groundbreaking initiative set to reshape the landscape of road safety, and Phil’s blog.

SmartWater & Elixir

Media Coverage

Phil Cleary frequently appears in the British and overseas media. His views, insights and achievements have been featured in most major outlets worldwide.

Transforming Road Safety


Helios-R promises to transform road safety in the UK and internationally. Find out more about Helios Radar and about its scheduled launch in 2024.

Coming Soon


The Phil Cleary blog covers everything from life-extending medication to the ups and downs of entrepreneurism.

Elixir, a novel by Phil Cleary

Elixir, the new book by Phil Cleary

Described by the British media as a “gripping page turner“, a “rollercoaster of emotions” and a “thought-provoking thriller that seamlessly blends science, intrigue, and human drama“, political thriller Elixir by Phil Cleary navigates the uncharted waters of power, betrayal, and the consequences of playing with the essence of life itself.